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>Aptana – Please Don’t Suck Any Harder


I rarely rant about software. Reliable software is hard to make, and I know this because that’s what I do for living myself. But once in a while I come across such ignorance that a rant is really all I have left.

I’ve been coding in Ruby on Rails for over two years now, and have been using RadRails standalone, Eclipse with RadRails plugin, TextMate, IntelliJ IDEA and just good old plain Vim. But for the most part, I found myself very comfortable with RadRails because I liked the integrated environment for automated testing, outline views, project views, and all the goodies that are so nice in Eclipse, or IntelliJ IDEA if you work with Java.

Well, sometime back RadRails was abandoned by it’s young developers, who received a comfortable package from IBM, and the whole RadRails thingy somehow was inherited by Aptana, of which at that point nobody I talked to ever heard of.

What the heck is Aptana trying to do now, I still don’t quite truly understand, but I went along with the plan and switched. Instead of Eclipse, I had Aptana Studio, and for some time (while I assume Aptana’s contribution was merely the new name) things went well, and we all got along.

Well not anymore.

Aptana stopped being useful altogether with their most recent release, but things have been slowly creeping in even before that. The software now routinely spins at 100% cpu, the log file shows nothing useful, and a couple of versions back they broke Apple-Shift-R (although a later update fixed it), the command to pull up a resource by name after selecting a resource the whole thing would just crash.

So today I was like, “heck, let me reinstall the whole thing, maybe it’s my problem”? Huh. Not so fast.

Sure, I can download and install Aptana OK, but none of their bundled sweet plugins install at all. And what meaningful error message do I get when I try to install SubClipse? “Problem with your configuration”. And this is on a brand spanking new downloaded DMG. Sweet! Useful as a brick.

I am sorry, but the ignorance of Aptana Corp, who are now a proper company in San Mateo, trying to sell “Pro Version” as a worthwhile add-on while they can’t get their s**t together with the free community edition, just stinks to me of the worst kind of amateurism.

Thanks for ruining RadRails for me, Aptana Corp. At least it took a while to add enough of YOUR code to make things really break.

I wrote this post after hours of frustration, trying to fix my broken environment, and losing valuable time on a project that was falling behind.

I now realize that the post was overly emotional, and probably not entirely fair to the Aptana team. I’ll post updates here as I work through the issues to get my RadRails working again.


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